1525 Park Manor Boulevard #360
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone 412-638-2754
Liberty Process Service provides legal process and field call services for
law firms, out-of-state process servers, lenders, etc.
We can handle your service of court documents and other notices to area
We're on the road throughout the region every day. This means we can
keep your cost down and still make multiple attempts to reach your target.
Although the industry expects three attempts of service, we don't stop
until your target is served or you run out of time.
Serving  Western Pennsylvania area and nearby Ohio & West
Virginia Couties.
Tens of thousands of miles of experience in  the region means your
target's location is in familiar territory.
Routine service includes the greater Pittsburgh metro area.
Expedited service, printing or any unusual needs you may have can add to
your cost.

Repeat customers can negotiate packages and other exceptions to our
normal fee schedule.
Liberty Process Service
Private Process Service in the
Western Pennsylvania and Tri-State areas.
Random economics lesson.
Imagine you want to fence part of your lot. You arrange a contractor
to dig post-holes. You decide to double the length of your fence, but
your contractor is booked and can't dig the rest of the holes, so you
arrange another one. The first contractor digs with a power auger.
The second digs with a teaspoon.

Claim: The second set of holes is WORTH FAR MORE than the first,
because much more labor went into producing them.

This illustrates the "labor theory of value," which is a core
underpinning of all flavors of socialist policy. Yes, the left
really is that