We aim to assure that petitioners and respondents alike have their day in
court. We strive to provide you timely service so you can proceed, and
your respondent timely notice to defend. It's an American thing.

Lyle Grover has been serving civil process since 1989, hanging out the
"Grover's Service" shingle in 2000 then taking the "Liberty" brand in 2006.

Covering thousands of miles each month means we will pass near your
target, over and over again. This allows us to keep your costs down and
still give a virtually unlimited number of attempts to reach your target.
Liberty Process Service
1525 Park Manor Boulevard #360
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone 412-638-2754
About Us
Taking ALL U.S. deaths involving firearms, ratioed against the
volume of ammo we go through, we (including our felons,)
apparently FIRE our guns HARMLESSLY more than a million
times for each gun-related killing. Try to find another product
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